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Good Morning Sacramento

Leslie and I were invited to attend a broadcast of CBS’s Good Day Sacramento in 2017.

Waiting in the lobby for security to usher us in, we shared the main lobby with some interesting folks. One lady had her little dog in-tow, she was promoting vegetarian dog food. Another was promoting skin care products. Others were performing a musical that night in town. We were brought into the control room. This is live TV. No do-overs. Hit the wrong button and everyone sees it for hundreds of miles. In the main news room, we found it to be a well-organized machine. Set ups between commercials left maybe two-three seconds of breathing time between rolling live. Ready or not, rolling!

I was amazed at the seemingly tireless and dedicated staff all pulling together to present an entertaining, informative broadcast to the good people of the Sacramento area.

Big thanks to the entire staff at Good Day Sacramento for their hospitality and the kind access to behind the scene process.

Death Valley Bloom 2016

At the end of March, I met up with my two dear friends, Neil and Susan Silverman, in Death Valley for another epic photography workshop.

This year we were greeted by an amazing wild flower bloom. I have only heard stories about this somewhat rare floral event. I enjoyed a back-woods road trip and camped in my truck for five days before meeting up with Neil and Susan.

It was busy in the Valley the week that I arrived. The bloom brought people from all over the world; tourists combined with Spring Breakers and groups of students and scientists who were there for Bio-diversity week. I found peace and quite north near a place called Mesquite Springs. I spent one afternoon in a sand storm followed by three days of perfect blue skies and wildflowers. I met up with Neil and Susan in Stovepipewells. We palled-around together for the next four days before the workshop.

Scoping out locations was a blast. I have visited Death Valley dozens and dozens of times, always finding brand new vistas, canyons and trails. The light in the valley changes from hour to hour and...


This video was produced to show the back story of an image that I created in October, 2015, to wish my clients a Happy Halloween. Yet another adventure for the Eggs.

A throw back to early school days... you remember, the teacher would give us a few raw materials to create something for a holiday card: crayons, glitter, white paste, scissors, cardboard...

Wouldn't it have been fun if they'd given us dry-ice back then?

All music composed and performed by Matt Tracy

This image was created using 99% analogue compositing with 1% Photoshop to retouch the tops of the eggs, (they were concerned that their blow-holes would show).


Catching up with Frank Bevans—the PCB Industry’s Premier Photographer

June 23, 2016 | Dan Beaulieu, D.B. Management Group

I can tell you from first-hand experience that working with Frank Bevans has always been a pure delight. Anyone who Frank has ever worked with will agree. Frank is also nothing short of a magician when it comes to making even the most basic (and even a little messy) PCB facility look like a multimillion-dollar high-tech center through his photographs and videos. Over the years, I have been proud to introduce Frank to many of my clients when they were interested in having their facility professionally photographed for new marketing materials, from brochures to websites, and he has always done amazing work.

In this day of smartphone cameras, when everyone thinks they can just aim and click and match the work of true masters, it is easy to forget the art, creativity, and ingenuity of a true professional like Frank Bevans.

I had the chance recently to check in with Frank to see what he has been up to and...

Mark and Curtis

During a cold week in late December 2011, I traveled with Tim McKee from Northern California to Richmond Virginia to visit with Mark Morton and Wille Adler from the band, Lamb of God.

This video below was part of an advertising campaign for Mesa Boogie's Royal Atlantic amplifier.

I had worked with these gentleman before and knew it was going to be a good hang.

This kind of job is such a kick. Great people and great hospitality.

On this trip I did photography and video of the boys.

Big thanks to Mark and his family, Wille, and my traveling partner, Tim.

Also a kind thanks to Royer and Mojave Audio for the use of the microphones.

Eggs on the Water

This image, a parody of sorts, was inspired by paintings or prints that you might see on the walls of a seafood restaurant.

I built a model of a Boston Whitehall boat. It had the right dynamics and scale. Then, I shot some test images of the eggs in their boat, and envisioned them taking their new boat for its maiden voyage.

Now, I just needed a suitable backdrop for their ocean adventure. I decided to hunt for just the right wave. That’s when I loaded up my truck for a road trip and drove to Pigeon Point, California, on the Pacific Ocean. The waves were good and the lighthouse made the perfect background. Standing on a cliff, I saw three pelicans flying and panned with them until they aligned perfectly with the lighthouse - caught the image.

Then, I drove past San Francisco to North Marin and arrived at Point Reyes National Seashore where I beach-combed up and down the shoreline. The wind blew from the west and the waves were perfect. Backlit, greenish waves in the afternoon sun was just what I was searching for.

Days later, back at my home, I chose the...

Eggs at the Museum

One morning at my studio, I was thinking about The Eggs. It was time for them to get some culture. A Day at the Museum would be their next adventure.

I set the video camera on time-lapse. Slats of bamboo flooring became the museum floor. Foam core gave me the perfect white walls and a string of small clear light bulbs produced museum quality lighting.

After eliminating a lot of clutter, I finally settled on the boat, the watch, and the elephant.

The time-lapse video below captures the process of how I built my set, “Day at the Museum,” and balanced the eggs in their new environment.

Music: “Random,” by Matt Tracy.